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Intercambio de idiomas/Language Exchange
  • Intercambio de idiomas/Language Exchange

    Meet and make friends across cultures!  We'll have a table for six different languages!  Each table will have at least one native speaker to help guide the conversation, all in a relaxed atmosphere where you can order food and drinks!  The languages will be a mixture of well-known languages spoken by millions of people and languages that represent marginalized communities and offer a different perspective outside the dominant narrative.  The languages included are: English, Spanish, Arabic, Mexican Sign Language, Kumeyaay (native language of Northern Baja and Southern Alta California),  Mixtec (native language of Southern Mexican states Oaxaca and Chiapas), and Haitian Creolle.   You can be of any level.   Maybe you want to come to practice your Spanish and then stop by the Mexican Sign Language table and learn a couple signs and make friends with a deaf person or sit for a bit and listen to people speaking Mixtec and learn a few words or expressions!  Who knows you might make a friend and want to learn more in order to communicate with their friends, family and community!  

    • May 23rd 5-10p


    • Location: Oi Madame in Playas de Tijuana

      Address:  Av del Agua 156, Playas, de Tijuana, 22500 Tijuana, B.C.

    • Free!

      Food and drinks not included.  Donations to help put on more of these always welcome at the event!  

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