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Immersiontrip Parque Tijuana
  • Immersion Trip to Tijuana Nov- 9th-14th + Int/Adv Course (included in price!)

    Three times a year, we do five-day immersion trips to Tijuana where you get to meet people from all walks of life, learn their stories, and make friends across cultural barriers.  All while practicing your español!!  


    Tijuana is often referred to as an “ensalada de culturas”.  It is a city of migrants where you can learn new perspectives from a tremendous diversity of people from all around the world.  You’ll get to know people and make friends across cultural barriers doing language exchanges, eating together, and visiting community project sites such as migrant shelters and locally owned shops run by activists, migrants, and local artisans.  



    -->You stay with someone from our "Promotoras" program, visit community project sites, and attend cultural events.  All activities include interaction with local native speakers. 


    --> Check out our testimonials


             You will stay in a comfortable space with a common kitchen area and, on days when we don’t meet to eat with locals, a nutritional meal is provided by our Promotoras program run by local community based cooks. 


    On these days you will eat with the Promotora and instructor.  You will speak only in Spanish for the entire duration of the trip with the exception of learning a few words and phrases from other languages of local community members from marginalized communities in Tijuana at our language/cultural Bizarre event (Mixtec, Kumeyaay, Mexican sign language, and Hatian creolle french).  No English spoken.  

    You have the option of joining our online Int/adv Spanish course and will receive the video course as part of your enrollment in the trip to help prepare you at additional charge after enrolling in trip.

    Dates for your trip in 2023


    • Immersion trip Nov 9th - Nov 14th





    • All food, lodging, and transportation during the trip is included starting from and returning to Via International offices on the first and last day of the trip.  

    • You are responsible for transportation to and from San Diego Via International office 1955 Julian Avenue, San Diego, CA and we take care of all transportation from there during the entire trip.  

    • All food costs are covered during the trip

    • All Lodging costs are covered during the trip

    • All transportation covered during the trip

    • We recommend bringing $100 for optional items you would like to buy.  Not required.  All shop owners and artisans we visit receive a stipend for their time thanks to your registration fee.  Gracias!

      • You can easily exchange money to pesos once we are in Tijuana or just before crossing the border on the first day

    • There is parking available where you can leave your car safely for the duration of the trip at Via International offices

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